Liberty Tana Lawn Bundle of the Month Club


Are you an admirer of Liberty of London's gorgeous Tana Lawn? This is the fabric club for you! Our little shop will be curating 10 piece bundles of Tana Lawn each month for 12 months and shipping them all over the world! We are offering this club as a subscription program and hope you will join us in growing your own collection of lovely Liberty lawn. The photos below show pieces that have been featured in past months, but you can be assured your collection will be a lovely grouping sure to play well together! 

 We currently offer our Liberty Club in 3 different bundle sizes, click the size you want and fill out the form to join the club.


Liberty III Club - July 2014-June 2015:  Ships on the 1st of each month, openings shown below

Fat Quarter Club - $88/month - 2 spots left
Fat Eighth Club - $45/month - 1 spot left
Fat Sixteenth Club - $24.25/month - 1 spots left



The Details:

  • Each club runs for 12 months from it's original start date.  If you join later in the cycle, you will still end with all other subscribers at the original 12 month mark. There are a limited number of spaces, and we hope you'll join us!
  • Each month, your bundle will include 10 pieces of Tana Lawn only. There will not be any other types of Liberty fabric included in these bundles (not the lifestyle, knits, etc)
  • The 3 clubs are very similar to each other on a month to month basis but do not always match exactly.
  • For the first month, your card will be charged immediately upon joining the club but the bundles will not ship until the dates shown above. After that, your card will be charged on the date associated with your club immediately after.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time after the first month, click HERE to login into your account and cancel
  • Your bundle will be shipped between 1-3 days after your card is charged. 
  • Shipping for bundles of the month cannot be combined with any other orders. We have worked to get our shipping prices as low as possible, and all bundles will be shipping via first class mail so adding any additional items will add to the shipping cost. We apologize if this causes inconvenience


  • I need to change/update my payment info
    • go to, use your email associated with the club to create a password (bottom section) than login and update as needed.
  • Is my subscription account linked to my account on your main page?
    • No, it is a separate service, use the link shown above to access your subscription account
  • I will be moving soon, can I update my address?
    • go to to update your address.  If it is close to our ship date and you think it might be an issue for delivery to the correct address please email us.
  • Can I change my bundle size later?
    • This depends on availability, please email us and we'll try our best to accommodate you
  • I am already enrolled in the Liberty I or II club, do I need to re-enroll in this club to keep my membership
    • No, both earlier Liberty clubs will continue to run as they did, this new club only opens up additional spaces