September 21st - Japanese Cross Back Apron Pattern & Tutorial

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Today we have a I Want Her Stash sneak peek & a New Japanese Cross-back Apron pattern!  We are also offering a 25% off coupon on our Fall collections, including the Forest Floor bundle. Keep reading to see all the fun going on in our shop!  
Need a little bit of sunshine in your day? This Corey Yoder collection reminds us of a warm, rainy summer day. The light and airy colors compliment each other and fuse together in unity. Sundrops is available at our shop in Fat Quarter ($103.98) & Half Yard($199.98) Bundles . 
Japanese Cross-back Apron 

Click Here to get the Pattern Now! 


Sick of all those dangling strings when wearing an apron? Well, we have a solution for you!  Grab a The Pattern and watch the step by step tutorial below on how to sew our Japanese Cross-back Apron. Its' awesome length and large pockets make it perfect for crafting or cooking alike. Personalize your apron by adding a little ric-rac or a ruffle!
Love this bold black and white checkers? Well lucky for you, we decided to kit it! The kit includes the Japanese Cross-back Apron pattern and classy black and white checkers fabric. This is the perfect gift for anyone who cooks, crafts, or just likes to look cute walking around the house doing chores! 
Purchase Apron Kit HERE! 


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